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The All New 2016 PRIUS

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  • 2016.02.14 Site opening
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A step ahead of the world.

Anything can happen. The only sure thing is that exciting experiences await.
The Prius leaps ahead, taking a bold step into a world of possibility, combining exceptional aerodynamics and driving dynamics with world-leading hybrid technologies.

Exterior Highlights

A distinctive silhouette designed for
aerodynamic performance.

LED headlamps

Interior Highlights

The functional beauty of the cockpit makes
even long drives a pleasurable experience.

Center meters

Color head-up display

Smart Entry & Start System

Wireless charger

Air conditioning system

Touch-screen display

Design in Depth

Take a closer look at the design of the Prius.

The All New 2016 Toyota Prius - Design
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Exterior Highlights


Interior Highlights

Exterior Highlights

Design In Depth

Interior Highlights


The powerful driving experience
will make your heart leap.

Technical Highlights

Advanced technologies to deliver the joys of seamless
acceleration and intuitive handling.

Newly developed platform

Hybrid system

Drive mode switch

Performance in Depth

Take a closer look at the dynamic performance of the Prius.

The All New 2016 Toyota Prius - Performance
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Technical Highlights


Performance In Depth

Technical Highlights

Hybrid Basics

Get to know the basics of the Toyota Hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid Learnig Film

FAQ for Hybrid

Q. Why are hybrid vehicles (HV) getting so much attention?

A. In response to the growing concern for the environment, a number of "eco-cars" have been developed. However, as HVs do not require specialized equipment, such as charging points, they have quickly gained in popularity.

Q. How likely is an electric shock in an HV?

A. All high-voltage parts used in HVs are very well protected, preventing direct contact with the vehicle's body and people. In addition, various safety measures have been implemented, such as cutting off electricity when an impact is detected.

Q. It's an HV, so why is the mid-range acceleration so good?

A. The strong mid-range acceleration is due to the instant torque properties of the electric motor.
As such, Toyota hybrid vehicles achieve both acceleration response and fuel economy.

Q. Do you need any specialized knowledge to perform general maintenance?

A. No specialized knowledge of hybrid systems is required to perform general maintenance for HVs.
Everyday maintenance, such as putting air in the tires and checking the engine oil, is the same as a conventional vehicle.

Q. Do hybrid batteries need to be charged?

A. External charging is not required. Hybrid vehicles automatically detect the battery level and charge it when required.

Q. How long is the service life of the hybrid battery?

A. Hybrid batteries do not deteriorate quickly under normal use. The durability is maintained by the ECU adequately controlling the battery.In addition to the vehicle warranty, hybrid battery-related parts have an extended warranty for peace of mind.

Q. Do HVs generate lots of electromagnetic waves?

A. Hybrid components are specially designed to contain these waves. As a result, the electromagnetic waves emitted from HVs are low in strength-even when compared to those of conventional vehicles and electronic consumer products.

Q. I've heard that HV brakes differ from those in conventional vehicles. Is this true?

A. Yes, it is. Conventional vehicles are fitted with hydraulic brakes, while HVs adopt hydraulic brakes alongside unique regenerative brakes.
In HVs, hydraulic brakes and regenerative brakes work together to slow and stop the vehicle while also recharging the hybrid battery.

Q. When is the gasoline engine assisted by the electric motor?

A. Gasoline engine power is supplemented by the electric motor when required, such as when under strong acceleration or driving uphill.

Q. What advice do you have for drivers who want to maximize fuel efficiency?

A. Avoid any “sudden driving” -just as with conventional vehicles. This means no sudden starts, no sudden acceleration and no sudden deceleration. It is also important not to accelerate or decelerate unnecessarily.

Q. Are any specialized driving techniques required for HVs?

A. No. Specialized driving techniques or technical expertise are not required. You can drive HVs just like a regular car. Specialized operations, such as switching between the gasoline engine and electric motor, are all fully automated.

Q. Are HVs able to operate in high heat climates?

A. Thorough heat endurance testing has been conducted with all of Toyota's HVs. The result show they function as well as conventional vehicles in high heat climates.

Prius Story

Prius Story Vol.1 Prius Story Vol.2 Prius Story Vol.3 Prius Story Vol.4
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FAQ for HV

Hybrid Basics

Prius Story

FAQ for HV

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